Posted by: Lauren Gaskill | December 26, 2010

Bare And Cold, Yet Beautiful

My relationship with winter is definitely under the love hate category.  Snow is great, I love to trek in it as it crunches beneath my boots.  I even like getting bundled up for the winter months; there is something about blankets, boots, mittens, scarves and coats that brings me comfort.  I especially love the winter holidays; Christmas and New Years Eve are always bound to bring excitement, and there is nothing better than hanging out with friends and family.  But on the other hand, there are things about winter that I consider less than desirable.  For one, I am saddened when the sun decides to stay behind sheets of clouds for weeks at a time (I call this “winter gloom”).  I deeply miss sunshine in the winter months, and I loathe its absence.  In addition to the winter gloom, I could do without Jack Frost nipping at my nose.  Winter wind in Indiana is harsh and bone chilling; stay outside for longer than an hour and chances are your extremities will be longing for fire.

Ox Bow Park is silent in the winter, the bare trees give contrast to the cool sky.

Despite this love hate relationship, I know I could never live without a cold and snowy winter.

Whenever I complained about winter when I was little, my grandpa would tell me to cheer up.  Without winter, we could never appreciate the warmth of summer, he always said.  I have come to learn that each season serves a purpose, and as a result of my Midwest upbringing, life would not be the same without all four.  Winter teaches us to be thankful for things, spring brings rebirth and renewal and summer gives us a taste of paradise.  If we look for it, we can find beauty in every season.

All that said, we went to Ox Bow Park to snap some winter photos.  Here are the rest!

I take a moment to dance on the snow covered bridge that winds through the park.

The sun actually shined all day today; how beautiful it was to see it again.

Alex was being cooperative with my photo taking. Even though he is not the biggest fan of photos, he was kind enough to flash a smile my way.

As we walk around the park, I felt like I was standing in a painting. Nature's beauty is absolutely breathtaking.



  1. I love all these photos of snow from around the world!

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