Posted by: Lauren Gaskill | April 4, 2011

That’s Amore

I wrote this poem for a senior creative writing project in high school.  Found it in my folder while browsing today, and I wanted to share it with all of you!

That’s Amore

Lauren Hardy

I’ve come to see through movies and TV
That fairy tales are few and far between
Love isn’t always what it seems
These tales only heighten our standards, hopes and dreams

I’m not saying love is unattainable
I’m saying it is not always readily available.
Love is much more than happily ever after
It is the journey, the strife and the passion hereafter.
Love is not what society makes it out to be—
It is an intricate web that connects you and me.
And many times it gives way to tears
If the web remains untouched it will rip without repair.

Love is a matter of the heart
Love is the rhythm that sets a jumpstart
Love is the heartbreak over a lost lover
Love is a feeling that makes some run for cover
Love is the sweet melody of a pair’s duet
Love causes us to do things which we would otherwise regret
Love perplexes us to the point of frustration
But love unites each and every member of creation

We all search for love and satisfaction in whatever we do
But we must understand that you do not find love; love finds you
Just when you feel you understand its real meaning
True love arrives suddenly, without any warning

A happily ever after is quite possible
Yet it requires more work than we think to be plausible
A loving relationship is a two-way street
To outlast the twists and turns is an incredible feat

As we walked down the pier
I felt absolutely no fear
The wind swirled madly around us
But I was too caught up in your grinning smile to notice
I knew at once—this was what we were made for
To live and love and learn from each other
This, I could do for the rest of my life

This pivotal moment in time
Made romance movies look like cheap alternatives to me—
This fairy tale was not the lofty, dazed dream of a child
But the real, tangible awakening of the heart.

I searched for love and satisfaction in whatever I did
I thought that I could simply find love, but instead, love found me
Just when I thought I understood its full meaning
You came along
Please wake me if I’m dreaming


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