Posted by: Lauren Gaskill | May 18, 2011

Where is your hope?

I have been gone from Elkhart since August 2010… And although that was only nine months ago, I feel like so much has changed while I was away.  For Elkhart, the recession is far from over.

My heart breaks for the sadness that I see in the lives of so many in the Elkhart area.  As I listen to past friends and acquaintances give me an update on their lives, all I can do is wonder where their hope lies, and pray they have not lost it.

My father has been unemployed for a year now.  I vividly remember the day when he first told us that the company he worked for let him go.  I did not want to believe him, and to be honest; I do not think I understood what the repercussions of this tragedy would mean for our family.  Before he told us, he played the song “Strong Tower” by Kutless.  The selfish part of me denied that Christ could be our strong tower, since our tower had been struck to the ground.  What I failed to realize is that Christ would be our strong tower, and help rebuild us.

It has been a tough and strenuous year to say the least, however (prepare to gasp) I am glad for it.  I am not saying I am glad our family’s finances are staring down the barrel of a gun—no, tank is more like it—don’t get me wrong, most days are frightening; but I am thankful for what this past year has taught me: to put all of my hope in Jesus Christ.  My family has no clue what the next day will bring.  Knowing this has changed our—or at least my—perspective on life a bit.  Material things hold less importance to me now.  I find myself longing for better relationships instead of better clothes.

Life knocked us in the knees.  We could have stayed on the ground in misery and defeat, but with God’s help we got up.  It is because of God that I can say my family is still surviving this storm.

There is nothing on Earth that I would rather put my hope in.  Everything here is tainted and nothing is permanent.  But God, he’s perfect AND eternal.  His love never fails us, and his promises remain true.  God is the perfect candidate to put my trust and hope in.

So where is YOUR hope?  What do you turn do when everything fades to grey?  May I suggest that today, you try turning to the One whom will never forsake you.  His name is Jesus Christ and he came to save us.  The following song is my anthem (:


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