Posted by: Lauren Gaskill | July 21, 2011

Reflections on summer


Summer−a season marked by warm weather and hot, sticky days (especially if you live in Indiana!)−could never be long enough for me.  In fact, the older I get the faster it runs away from me.  Summer 2011 has flown by me faster than an Amtrak train, and I fear the moment when it shrinks in my rear view mirror on the way to Ball State.  Don’t get me wrong, I am excited to move to Muncie and settle into our apartment; but that doesn’t mean I am not going to miss these sweet, carefree days.  To those college kids out there: cherish these last few weeks!  Make some memories and take time to relish in the things that summer alone can bring.

→ What this blissful time of year means to me:
Precious moments with family
Reflecting on what it really means to be free
A clear and starry night
Reminding me that everything with be alright

Swimsuit tan lines,
All numbers of SPF tried
A necessity for basking in the sun without getting fried
A day at the beach in a small Michigan town,
Driving all the way there with the windows down

Singing along with the radio
To any song we remotely know
While friends gather from all around
To bring spontaneity to the merry-go-round
Of working ’til the sun goes down

Marveling at the beauty of flowers
While smelling freshly cut grass
The succulent taste of sweet corn; watermelon; blueberries and anything that can be grilled is fine (:
Followed by eating ice cream of any kind at anytime

Time to read and write whatever I want
To take a bike ride or maybe trail walk
Time to go back to my roots once again
It’s sad to see such a sweet thing come to an end.

What will you miss most about this summer season?
Feel free to leave a comment, even if you don’t have a WordPress account!


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